Welcome to the 2020 campaign for

Mayor Cathy Wilson and Bud Ravitz

Democratic candidates for Morris Township Committee!

Cathy is running for her second three-year term on the Committee and Bud is running for his first term, after having lost to a former Republican mayor and long-time committeeman by only EIGHT votes last November. This loss illustrates clearly the value of every single vote. We need you to turn out and vote this year, both to elect Cathy and Bud and to keep control of the Committee in Democrats’ hands so that we can continue the work we started in 2018. We Democrats are proud of the progress we’ve made bringing more responsive government to Morris Township after many decades of Republican control.

But 2020 may be the most unusual political season ever. Campaigning in this time of coronavirus is certainly a challenge, however, we absolutely want to hear from you if you have questions or comments for us. Please use the email options on this site to contact us.

The pandemic has already caused one major change to the campaign calendar: the primary election is now taking place on Tuesday, July 7, not June 2. This fall’s race may also be different than most political campaign seasons, but one thing that never changes is the need for financial support to help get our message out. Our immediate goal is to buy lawn signs, and to that end if you can make a donation, in any amount, please use the donate button on this site.

It may also be prudent to sign up now for vote-by-mail so that whatever happens, your ballot will be delivered to your home and you can send it back without ever leaving your house. You can even order stamps to be delivered, which aids our postal service. To sign up for VBM: https://elections.morriscountynj.gov/ways-to-vote/#mail

We are fortunate to have such a supportive community of Democrats in Morris Township, and we sincerely thank you for your help. We look forward to representing you on the Township Committee next year!


Stay well,

Mayor Cathy Wilson

William “Bud” Ravitz



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